Crystal Cure is a licensed producer of hand-crafted, small-batch cannabis farmed in certified organic living soil in beautiful Shediac Cape, NB.

Le Backdoor is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Crystal Cure began when a visionary entrepreneur and his team saw potential in offering unique expressions of top-grade, small-batch cannabis grown in organic living soil. Today, Crystal Cure continues to evolve, growing sustainably as a passionate craft cannabis producer – bringing together art, science, passion, and experience to offer something truly special. We take our responsibilities very seriously – and enjoy every second. Our humble beginnings will always keep us down-to-earth.

Our Approach

We produce cannabis only using organic practices. We haven’t obtained our organic certification for our cannabis.  But, our plants are grown in our very own certified organic soil, ADONIS Living Soil™ , and are never subjected to synthetics of any kind – so they are very happy.  We never irradiate our product, because of our team’s commitment to ensuring our work environments are spotless. We work hard to ensure our plants and team have a great ecosystem to flourish in.
We developed our own organic soil and compost tea recipes because we know them best. These countless trials lead to a product that helps us create a clean, natural ecosystem that allows our plants and products to show their true colours and unique expression. Our sister company, Adonis Growing Solutions is located just across the parking lot, and they use local ingredients in our proprietary living soil recipe whenever possible.
We are proud to be Maritimers. Our facility and soil operation/worm farm are located on 48 acres of certified organic farmland in beautiful Shediac Cape, NB. We are a craft producer working hard to do things the right way and do our part to usher in a bright future for our region, our province and industry.
We pride ourselves on the quality of the product we create. To many, craft is thought of as “unsophisticated”.  We take a scientific approach to every aspect of what we do, but also make sure to keep an open mind and to never forget “art”.  Our experience plays a huge role – but somedays, a farmer is only as good as their tractor and a chemist is only as good as their microscope.

One Team

In order to produce incredible cannabis, you need incredible people. Our experienced team comes from a number of industries, including: organic farming, manufacturing, winemaking and grape-growing, retail and consumer packed goods. This broad experience, combined with a deep connection to the cannabis community and culture, allows us to bring products to market that deliver unparalleled value and quality. To learn more about the passionate people that make Crystal Cure what it is, click below for more:

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