Our team works endlessly to keep our portfolio of products very focused. Our journey starts with our certified organic living soil, ADON1S Living Soil™, and doesn’t end until it reaches the soul, whatever that may mean to you.


Our story begins in the legacy market.  When our founder was diagnosed with a serious health condition, he was serendipitously introduced to cannabis as a medicine and Crystal Cure was born.  We believe in the power of this plant, especially when it is grown in living soil, and know it will change the world. As we venture on a journey from soil to soul, we focus on the below to keep us heading in the right direction.


Continuously searching the globe for the best genetics and breeders while working tirelessly to understand our customers.


Discussing things like terpenes, irradiation and more to ensure customers know what makes our craft flower so different.


Sharing our CoAs online and detailed information on every package showcases our product openly.  We are humble and authentic, always.


Even as we grow our business, we will stay true to our small-batch beginnings, ensuring our product quality never dips.

Organic Methods

Farming in certified organic living soil that we create on-site, and only using organic methods and inputs. We never irradiate or "wash" our flower. 


Working with micro-cultivators, suppliers, other producers is key to our industry and we welcome it.


Small-batch Cannabis Portfolio (In Progress)

  • Whole Flower 
  • Pre-Rolls 
  • Full Spectrum THC Oils (in planning phase)
  • CBD Oils (in planning phase)
  • Topical/Cosmetic Products (in planning phase)

Adonis Living Soil

Our own proprietary Organic
Living Soil available for home
growers and other

Holistic cannabis education & awareness center

In Development:

  • Lodging
  • Health Spa
  • Education Center
  • Workshop
  • Conference
  • Consultation

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