When we have something truly exceptional that needs a home of its own – we present the 99th Series.  This is the creme-de-la-creme from specially selected batches that deserve the extra attention. 

What is the 99th Series?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality.  We want to make sure that when someone chooses our brand, they are happy they did.

We want an avenue to showcase the great things our team are working on – which brings us to the creation of this new series – The 99th Series.

The 99th refers to the 99th percentile, signifying this is the top of our portfolio, something above and beyond.

Limited quantities. Rotating products.  Specialized packaging.

On the Inside

For every crop we produce, we dive deep into each one before we process/package it.  Of course, we want to learn and get better, but it also allows us to determine the future of this particular crop.

The product for the 99th Series is only offered from exceptional lots offering exceptional qualities.  Every product selected to be a part of the 99th series will have a detailed story as to why it was selected.

After the product has been dried, these products are cured for exactly 99 days.  

The 99th Series - What to Expect

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