Farmers Series

In addition to farming our own cannabis, we’ve worked with farms/micros across the region to bring more small-batch, craft flower to the market under our Farmers Series label. The program is as much about the wonderful people farming it, as the product they produce. 

The Best of
Both Worlds

Partners in our Farmers Series use the same soil and techniques as we do, so you’ll get to see the unique differences their ecosystem brings, while still knowing the quality can be trusted.

This allows us to keep a consistent style of product under our Crystal Cure brand, while allowing you to see the “house style” from our small grow and compare it to others! 

Supporting the

With more an more licensed producers coming on board, there will be no shortage of great cannabis being produced.  This programs works with producers that don’t have processing licenses or sales amendments to bring their product to market.  Unlike many other producers, we give full credit to the micro-producer on the back of the label and in all of our online communication.

We are currently revamping our Farmers Series. Possible return in 2025.

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