Farmers Series

In addition to farming our own cannabis, we work with farms/micros across the region to bring more small-batch, craft flower to the market under our Farmers Series label. The program is as much about the wonderful people farming it, as the product they produce. 

As we sustainably scale up our business, this allows us to increase the number of plants we have to work with, while at the same time learning from passionate, innovative growers.  All while staying true to our small-batch way-of-life.

We will always let you know which farmers are responsible for the crop we will be featuring with each small-batch release. See more about the current portfolio here. To learn more about the first farm featured in the series, visit our friends at Golden Peak Cannabis. 

We have always believed that small-batch craft is the future of cannabis in Canada. The Farmers Series highlights the farm itself, showcasing their approach to the plant and beautiful flowers it produces.

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