In our part of the world, English and French come together to form our regional dialect “Shiac”.  Combine this with our experience from the legacy market, and we couldn’t think of a better name for our soon-to-be-opened “farmgate” retail store on-site and the series of products available exclusively from it. We are proud of who we are, where we are from, and what we do. 

More information on when you can expect us to be up-and-running soon! 

"We often get in quicker by the back door, than in the front."

Napolean Bonaparte

We pride ourselves on being transparent and showcasing who we are and what we are all about. Our team is rich with Acadian blood and passion running through their veins, hence our funny little spin on our store’s name.  In addition, our experience in this industry was gained in the legacy market, where back doors were a way of life. Whether you were growing, selling, or finding ways to safely purchase and consume for whatever reason, the back door is usually where it all began. 

Fresh Drops From Beautiful Crops...

Crystal Cure
"Le Backdoor Series"

We are always trying out new, small-batches that may not ever head to retailers/distributors. These products will be available at our store on-site and will be released as they come available. These will be offered in various formats and sizes depending on the variety, time of year, you name it.

Crystal Cure

One of our favourite activities in "pheno-hunting". It's where we pop a pack of seeds and grow out a range of plants to see which ones we like the most. You'd be amazed at the differences between them. We will be offering bags of "mixed" phenos for you to try and see which ones you like the best.

Crystal Cure
"Farmers Series"

In addition to the product we cultivate and product on site, we will also be offering products from our friends at Golden Peak Cannabis, the province's best micro-cultivator (in our opinion, anyway). You'll get to see the difference in products grown in our facility compared to theirs!

How does it  work?

We will be letting consumers know what new offerings we've been working on via our mailing list, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you aren't following along, you will miss information on upcoming products, surprise drops and more.

All available products are first come, first serve. Weekly, we will announce what products are for available, and will have dedicated windows that will allow consumers to pay onsite via credit, debit, or cash and pickup their orders. Please note, that there is a limit of 30g of dried flower per transaction. Also, we are working on the honour system as far as order reservations go. If you reserve product, we expect you will be by to pay for/pick it up within the selected windows. If you can't, or are no longer interested in your order - that's ok! Simply let us know so we can make sure it finds a home.

Here's a typical week in the life of "Le Backdoor":

1. Crystal Cure team was working on something really cool and now has an avenue to sell it.

2. Crystal Cure sends out a notice of how many packages they have available via their social medias channels and newsletter.

3. Consumers send an email to [email protected] to reserve their order and determine their pickup window.

4. Consumers visit Crystal Cure, located at 442 Beaubassin Road, Shediac Cape, NB and securely pay for their order at our office. Once age has been verified and payment has been received, our team will hand you the order via the new garage door and answer any and all questions you may have!

5. Consumers get home safely, consume responsibly, and tell everyone how great this program is for small, local businesses and consumers/customers alike.

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