and what they represent.

We are enthusiasts of cannabis of course, but we are also just as passionate about making sure the right products get into the hands of the right customers.  We focus solely on living soil grown flower and products derived from it.  Always.

Our Crystal Cure Brand.
Créme de la créme, but on humble pie.

Cannabis is a wonderful plant that can be found in different growing mediums all around the world.

Around here, we believe organic living soil is the absolute best way to grow cannabis - without a doubt.

Our mission is to complete every single step along the journey to ensure an incredible end-to-end experience for those that support us.


everyday is different.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our Crystal Cure brand for its commitment to quality.

AMPM is about incredible value, most importantly showing what organic living soil, or LSO as some call it, can do.

This series is only available when we have something interesting that we feel can still meet our standards, while at the same time ensuring another great experience, end-to-end with great value.

Days are all different. Sativa. Indica. Up. Down. Available at Le Backdoor and select releases in select markets.

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