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Find our hand-crafted, small-batch releases in stores across New Brunswick.

Farmed in our proprietary certified organic living soil, using organic methods, by some of the most passionate people you will come across.


(coming Soon)

Future #1 is an exciting and potent cross of GG#4 x Starfighter F2 from Anesia Seeds.  Our team is working on two test crops as part of the Farmers Series: one phenotype being farmed at our facility in Shediac Cape, and the other being farmed by the incredible team at Golden Peak Cannabis in Dieppe.  Bright aromas of tropical fruit combined with aromas of petrol and earth. We are aiming for this to be ready for the long weekend in August.

Farmers Series - TIGER BOMB

Although in the grow room it behaves like an Indica, we call its effects “sativa-leaning”. It is an unbelievable cross of MAC 69 and The Menthol bred by Compound Genetics.  It was farmed by our friends at Golden Peak Cannabis in Dieppe, New Brunswick in our Adonis living soil.  Our teams worked side-by-side to cultivate, harvest, and package this new strain for the adult-use market. Aromas and flavours of spice, menthol, eucalyptus and fresh baked goods. 


Our expression of WC is a cross of Wedding Cake and Triangle Kush. We call it an Indica-leaning hybrid. This strain is known for being challenging to grow, and put our cultivation team to the test. It was farmed in our small test facility in our Adonis living soil.  It has beautiful, bright aromas of fresh flowers, lavender, citrus and baked goods. 

Farmers Series - Apple Chem

This Sativa-leaning hybrid is a cross of Apple Juice x TK91 (Tangerine Kush) from renowned breeder Cannarado.  It was the first strain we farmed in order to get our license, and will always be near to our heart.  It was farmed in our small test facility in our Adonis living soil.  Aromas and flavours of citrus, baking spice and flowers.

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