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We bring incredibly unique and hand-crafted flower to the market that showcases how expressive organic living soil grown flower can bring.  All flower featured by us, including those grown here in Shediac Cape, NB or elsewhere, will always be organic living soil (LSO) grown, non-irradiated, cured to perfection and provide a great experience, end-to-end.


Seven Stars *Currently in Grow Room - Due May 2024*

Available Formats
(varies by province)

Earlier in 2023, we began searching for a winner to fill a gap in our portfolio for something different and went back to a breeder our team has had a lot of success with in the past: Compound Genetics. 

This decision was an amazing one as that little pack contained several absolutely beautiful plants that made it hard to choose our favourite.

But we did get it down to two, however, so you get to see why the decision was a tough one.  This cross of Jet Fuel Gelato x The Menthol showed us versions very dominated by either parent, however our two faves are perfect blends of Mom and Dad.  

Intense aromas of sour cherry, eucalyptus, baked goods, citrus, hints of gas and we kid you not, Tiger Balm. (the medicated ointment and our former fave.) 

THC Range
240 to 290 mg/g (24.0-29.0%)
Terpene Range
2.2 to 3.7%

Red Velvet R*ntz aka (Red Velvet Runaround)

Available Formats
(varies by province)

We are very excited about this cross of R*ntz  x Red Velvet from Lit Farms.  Dense, beautiful buds full of bright orange highlights. Very expressive and aromatic with notes of gasoline, citrus, floral notes, toasted sesame and burnt rubber. Hang-dried for 14+ days, cured for 30+ days and never-irradiated. 

As always, we wanted name the product with the name given to it by the breeder. In this case, we ran into some red tape.  We thought runaround sounded better.  Just know, if you see other products out there like RNTZ, R*NTZ, etc, that’s fine.  We aren’t mad, we always choose to remain compliant while still poking.

THC Range
230 to 290 mg/g (23.0-29.0%)
Terpene Range
2 to 3.5%


Available Formats
(varies by province)

When we first smelled Gastropop, it was like nothing we had smelled before.  However, the first two batches we released weren’t up to our standard and we ended up pulling it from the market.

We took time to figure out what she needs and the results were outstanding. Over 330 mg/g total cannabinoids, so very potent.  THC came in at 278 mg/g (27.8%). Even better, the aromas are on point.  Total terpenes = 3.6%, with Myrcene being 2.47%, putting it in the 100th percentile for that terpene versus all samples tested by our lab partners.  It was selected as Sample of the Week, and was the third time we were honoured with this award.

Grape, gas, mango and spice aromas jump from these dense, frosty, colourful buds.

Hang-dried for 14+ days, cured for 30+ days and never-irradiated. 

THC Range
250 to 290 mg/g (25-29%)
Terpene Range
3 to 4%

Raspberry Boogie

Available Formats
(varies by province)

Those familiar with us know we focus on cannabis that is expressive.  Big smells, big looks, big feels and more.  It doesn’t mean the cannabinoids need be through the roof, but the rest has to be there.

As part of our hunt, we narrowed it down to two selections of Raspberry Boogie.  Our favourite selection showed us what is possible with this cultivar, offering 20.4% THC/5.62% terpenes and 19.8% THC/4.62% terpenes on its first two runs. Both of which remain records in our facility fot highest terpenes of any batch tested.

Beautifully dense buds, full of pink, purple, orange and green colours.  The sour raspberry and spice notes jump from the bag.  Predominant terpenes of Myrcene (2.2%!), Farnesene and Caryophyellene.

THC Range
190 to 250 mg/g (19-25%)
Terpene Range
3.3% to 5.0%



Available Formats
(varies by province)

Originally bred by Colorado Seed Co., this cross of Boost X Tangelo is something truly special. Bright aromas of citrus, fresh herbs, and blueberry with underlying floral notes. The reported effects are very uplifting. Dense, gorgeous buds full of green and orange hues that grind up perfectly. Grown in organic living soil, cured for 30+ days and never-irradiated.  Grown and cured by the good folks at Green Acre Organic, a fellow micro located in Alberta! 

THC Range
180 to 250 mg/g (18-24%)
Terpene Range
2% to 4%

Wedding Cake F5 Seeds


We believe that every grower should have access to great genetics.  Last year, we undertook a hunt of Seed Junky’s Wedding Cake F4 to see what we could find.  Although we didn’t decide to move forward with it to become a part of our portfolio, we decided to take our favourite male and favourite female and turn one of our tiny rooms into a pollenation station.

We are offering 12pks of regular seeds for an amazing price here at our Farmgate store in Shediac Cape as a test to see what the market thinks.

The flower from our trials ranged from very, sweet and confectionary to earthy and spicy, and everything in between. 


Must purchase and pick-up at our facility in Shediac Cape, NB.

Venus Blue

Available Formats
(varies by province)

When we hunt for something new, we are looking for something spectacular.  While others focus solely on THC, we focus on overall quality and will not stop until we find it.  If we do a hunt for something and find nothing that meets our standards, so be it. 

We know that “berry” forward flavours aren’t a part of our current portfolio, so we opened the vault.  Venus Blue, from Mosca Seeds, is a amaing cross of Blueberry Muffin x Raspberry Boogie.  It gave us a wonderfully diverse crop highlighted by a very cool expression featuring very purple colour buds, loud aromas of blueberry pie, and an overall sensory experience we think our supporters will love.

Grown in our organic living soil, hang-dried, cured for 30+ days, hand-trimmed, hand-packed, and never irradiated.

THC Range
180 to 250 mg/g (19-25%)
Terpene Range
2.5% to 3.5%


Banana Cake

Whole buds no longer available.
Thank you for your support for this wonderful cultivar. She's going for a rest for a bit. Prerolls still available!

Available Formats
(varies by province)

An incredible cut from renowned breeder, Seed Junky, this beautiful cross of Banana OG X Wedding Cake has dense buds full of light green, purple and orange highlights. Bright aromas of banana bread, spice, citrus and wood. Our first release of prerolls made a splash in December 2021 and our first flower will be available in April 2022.

Following our initial hunt over a year ago, we nailed it down to our two favourite expressions.  One possesses more “Kush” like qualities from its heritage (Pheno 1), while the other has more similarities to its “Cake” parent (Pheno 4).  In August, we will move to our Pheno 4 permanently, which offers expressive aromas of freshly baked banana bread, ginger, and a nice earthy undertone.

THC Range
230 - to 300 mg/g (24-30%)
Terpene Range
1.4% to 3%

Tiger Bomb

No longer available.
Thank you for your support for over 2 years with this beauty!

Tiger Bomb is an unbelievable cross of MAC 69 and The Menthol bred by Compound Genetics.  Crops have been produced by us and the team at Golden Peak Cannabis in Dieppe, New Brunswick in our Adonis living soil.  Our teams worked side-by-side to cultivate, harvest, and package this wonderful, yet difficult-to-grow cultivar for the adult-use market. Aromas and flavours of spice, menthol, eucalyptus and fresh baked goods. 

2022 Cannabis NB Cup

Winner - Best in Grow (Sativa)
Winner - Best Experience (Sativa)
Winner - Best Looking Flower (Sativa)

2021 Cannabis NB Cup

Runner-up - Best in Grow
Winner - Best Looking Flower

THC Range
200 to 250 mg/g (20-25%)
Terpene Range
2.2 to 3.5%

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