Ultra-exclusive releases available here in beautiful Shediac Cape, New Brunswick from passionate people that believe in what we do and in our industry.

What is the Backdoor Series?

We know that consumers love supporting us directly by visiting our facility down the long dirt road.  We wanted to say thank by offering unique packs that are available here only for a great price.  

Always rotating.  All products for this series are kept in our temperature and humidity controlled which is monitored 24/7.  Some slower selling 7g packs from last year are still in incredible shape, offering a different experience for those experimenting with more.


On the Inside

Find some of favourites in the unique 7g format offering exceptional value.  We always try to have at least 3 or 4 different products available in this format as many folks will create their own ounces. Sometimes we feature our “petites” and other times it’s the cream of the crop.  We make sure our supporters get supported, first. 

We love sharing as much as we can about our product, especially in person.  Come see us, if you can! 


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