We are constantly searching for new additions to our portfolio, at the same time we refine our methods, introduce new technologies and learn more about this wonderful plant every single day.  This series is all about showcasing how we hunt, what it’s about and showing how different various plants can be from each other.

What is a "Hunt?"

When we decide that there’s room in our portfolio, we work on finding the next addition.  We thought that consumers would like an inside peek at how this works, and even better, give them a chance to try multiple expressions of the same cultivar. 

The “phenohunt” is a key part of the industry, and one that needs to be highlighted. We will be releasing a small allocation of product here in New Brunswick that will display the work that goes into this type of thing.

On the Inside

No two seeds of the same cultivar are the same.  Not only will the plants look different from each other, they will have different properties in the grow room and different properties when it comes to aromas, flavours, THC levels, terpene levels, bud structure, and so much more.

When we undertake a hunt for something new, we need to find something that works for us business wise, something relevant with consumers and something that showcases our house style in the best way possible.

Thrill of the Hunt - Episode List

Episode 1: Gastropop (Completed Spring 2022)

Originally bred by Compound Genetics, Gastropop is cross of Apples & Bananas X Grape Gasoline from our vault that we were fortunate enough to bring into the legal market.  We decided on this cultivar because of the pedigree of the breeder combined with the possible profiles it is capable of producing.  We knew we could bring something to life that would display our house style and really make some waves. 

We collaborated with Golden Peak Cannabis in Dieppe, NB.  We grew out 78 plants and 13 different expressions of Gastropop to try and find the perfect expression for us. 

It was a very interesting crop as the various expressions showed a wide range of traits in everything from rooting times to fruit aromas on the nose.  As we do these hunts, we of course want to find something that the market will desire, but it has to work for us as a plant and make business sense of as well.   

In January of 2023, Gastropop was regrown at our facility in Shediac Cape and offered a wonderful crop that showcased the true potential of the cultivar.

Episode 2: Project Witch Hunt (Completed Winter 2022)

We had never grown anything from Lit Farms before, and decided to go with Red Velvet (insert former candy that rhymes with Bunts that we aren’t allowed to say) and Fire Cr*tch (we didn’t name it, but we stay true to the name the breeders gave it).  Two cultivars that we knew could be viewed negatively, however we are committed to giving the product the name of the breeder.

Luckily, the latter of the two disappeared after the first run as we didn’t have a winner, but the selected expression of Red Velvet Run… will hit markets in mid-2023.  Our first test launch of this product at farmgate featured only 100 units of what we think was the best thing we’ve done to date. 25.0% THC, 3.6% terpenes, and beautiful, dense nugs cured just right.  Pictured here.

Episode 3: Project: Remix (Completed Winter 2022)

Most times, we are on the hunt for something very unique that fits well in our portfolio and will excite the market.  Other times, we pop some seeds of well-known cultivars like we did here with a Remix pack of Platinum Kush Breath from In-House Genetics.  The remix features the same cross as the original, OGKB 2.1 x Platinum, but switches up the mom and dad to create something new.

After our initial hunt, we found one that we liked and will continue to refine it.  Most of the buds were smaller in size, but very resinous and full of those “kushy” aromas folks come to expect.  We ended up making some amazing whole flower prerolls that we are launching in March of 2023 in select stores across NB.  24.5% THC, 3% terpenes.

Episodes 4/5: Project Purple Rain (Set to begin February 2022)

We have a huge vault of seeds that spans an incredibly wide range of breeders, crosses, types and more.  This will serve as our main feeding pool as we grow and bring new amazing stuff to the market.

Other times, we have opportunties to bring new legal seeds into the facility with the help of a new license holder, which means we get to find unique stuff available now and get it into the system to try it out.

We’ve got two different cultivars we are running right now on a hunt in the search for beautiful, expressive, unique and COLOURFUL flower.  Berry-licious.

We had a chance to try one of them this fall and it forced us to at least give it a try and see.  Usually March is all about green, but we think purple and pink work too.  We always share more info the closer we get to our first harvest – currently scheduled for March 2023.  See you in April. 

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